Blushed Blonde Hair Guide

In 2017, pastel hair, especially the lighter shades, ruled the hairdressers’ studios, fashion magazine spreads and Instagram posts, and I’m still obsessed with it. From Gigi Hadid to Nyane Lebajoa and Kylie Jenner, every celebrity who is following the beauty trends has opted to try out at least one shade of pink. Different types of pastel pink even got their own names: from “millennial pink” to “blushed blonde”, there is a specific vocabulary for each and every pink colour. So when this new trend set in, I was thrilled I finally had an excuse to die my hair pink!

Although I was quite satisfied with the result, I came across a few surprises I wish someone had warned me of beforehand. I’m still absolutely in love with this look though and am really hoping I’ll keep seeing it in my favourite magazines and on the streets of London. So in this article I’m sharing my tips on what to keep in mind before you dye your hair pastel and giving you advice on how to pull it off!


This also applies to other pastel or ‘unnatural’ colours. Although I had done my research before dying my hair pink, one thing I didn’t think of was that when part of my hair will be pink, I’ll basically already be wearing a colour on myself to begin with! This meant I had to make a few readjustments to my wardrobe, mainly because I love print, especially big and colourful flower prints, which pretty much made me look like a grown Barbie – and more like an insane one, rather than a cute. My suggestion would be to wear less colourful prints and less combinations of colour in your outfit. For example, don’t wear more than one or two main colours in the same outfit. I found black and white outfits complement my pastel pink hair a lot, but you can still wear primary and stronger colours like I did in this shoot. You don’t have to give up your personal style – I am definitely not giving up my little red dress, no matter my hair colour! You just have to make sure not to wear many other colours, but style it with less subtle accessories, like silver, for example.


My wardrobe wasn’t the only thing that caused me a bit of a trouble after my hair colour changed. Having pink hair also meant I had to stop wearing so much pink on my eyes and lips as well (you can tell I’m obsessed with this colour), and replace it with white, silver, or bronze. Do a little experiment with your make-up before changing your hair colour. The way to do this when you haven’t dyed your hair yet is to either put a pastel pink piece of clothing next to your face to judge if it goes with your make-up, or use a one-day pastel hairspray (L’Oréal has a really good one!).


I was at a summer school in Singapore when I decided I had to try it out for myself. As I didn’t know any professional hair salons there, I just decided to go for one that my friend recommended to me and had good reviews online. It turned out to be a trainee hairdresser school, which was awesome because it meant I only had to pay for the utensils and the actual hair dye, so it came out really cheap! Always do your research online before going to a hair studio, and, if possible, try to find a trainee school in your area, because for ombré and pastel looks they will usually charge you quite a lot. One example of this is in the UK is Tony & Guy – they have many trainee schools across London and great reviews. You’ll thank me after seeing the price!


Unless you got a very vibrant colour like green, your pastel hair colour will usually fade away quite fast. So don’t panic if at first it seems too strong for you! My pastel hair wasn’t even pastel first – in fact, the colour of the dye was called “shocking pink”. I was advised to get this colour as the “baby pink” I originally wanted would’ve faded away after 2 washes. This colour ended up fading much slower than that and I really enjoyed seeing all the different shades of pink my hair went through before fading away completely (it is now a peachy pink and I love it!). Pastel colours like pink, light blue and light purple usually last fifteen to twenty washes, so it will also depend on how frequently you wash your hair. Here, another excuse to keep your hair healthy and only wash it once a week! On the other hand, if you don’t like your colour, the good news is that you only have to wash it fifteen to twenty times to get it out (please don’t do it all in one day).

I hope this hair guide was useful to you and have fun dying your hair! If you have any questions, just pop an inquiry on my contact form, in the comments below or DM @herfashionmajor on Instagram.




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