So you want to go to fashion school? Part 2: choosing your college

You know roughly what subjects you’re interested in, but the choices of the colleges are overwhelming you. So how should you pick your top places to apply to?



Make a list of the colleges that offer your subjects in order of preference. Don’t just look at the course description, but have a look what each module entails. The more details you know about what you’re going to study, the better! Have a look at what kind of assessments are involved in the course as well. Does it require many exams, and are you comfortable with them? Does it include a lot of teamwork? Presentations? Most importantly, who is your course tailored to?


In Fashion studies, there are many courses that require a Foundation year, usually in Arts or Design. Or maybe a maths exam. Be prepared! Make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. In my case, I’ve chosen a Graduate Diploma in Fashion Management, which is tailored to postgraduate students who have a degree in another subject than fashion. 



Check what the university requires for you to enter the course. What’s the application like? For example, the entry to my course was quite competitive, so I had to submit an online portfolio including my CV, cover letter, list of employment history, and my grades. Once I got through the first stage, I had a Skype interview, and then I was offered a conditional place, requiring an Upper Second Class degree and an IELTS English exam. I was willing to go through all of this because LCF was my dream school, but if it’s not something you’re completely sure of, then it might not be worth the trouble, because I will be honest with you, it does take up a lot of your time, and you still have your current life to take care of! Don’t make the mistake of spending too much time on your future applications, because you might not achieve the grade they’re asking for in your current degree by focusing on the future too much!



There are so many forums and reviews out there on most fashion colleges. But be careful not to take these for granted – there are so many haters online! Consider this like you’re researching a medication you want to take: you have to ignore all the people complaining about side effects and make sure you’re not only reading the negative comments! I’ve read horrible reviews of the London College of Fashion before I did a short course there and realised it was my dream college. Some people are just out there to hate. Don’t listen to them! That said, if a college only has negative comments, that might be something to think about as well. My advice would be: reach out, message some current students, or see it for yourself, if you can!

The clueless girl's guide to researching fashion colleges

So there you have it – my tips on how to pick your college. If you want to hear from current fashion students and their experiences, watch this space – I’ll be conducting interviews soon to help you out more. Stay tuned!


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